Age 18 mo – 19+ | Our Short Term Programs are a perfect way to get introduced to the wonderful art of dance!

We offer short term classes for boys and girls starting from age 18 months up to 11 years as well as 8 week adult classes.  Each class runs once a week over 8 weeks and is broken down into 3 sessions of Fall, Winter & Spring that run throughout the year.  There is no performance at our annual recital, but on the last class parents are welcome to come into class to watch their children dance.

Our short term classes are a great option if your are starting late in the year or if you would like to try a new dance style. No registration fees. No long term commitment.

Spring Session 2018:    Apr 3 – May 26     Registration open

Interested in dance classes during the summer break? Check out our Summer Drop In Dance Class Schedule »here!


Adult Ballet

1 hour | 8 weeks | Age 19+
Enjoy a weekly workout to improve posture, strength, muscle awareness and overall sense of well-being. No experience required.

Diaper Dancers

45 min | 8 weeks | Age 18mo-3yrs
This Mommy or Daddy & me class is a great introduction to dancing for children who are just developing their coordination.

Fairytale Magic

45 min | 8 weeks | Age 3-5
Energy burning class designed for boys & girls.

Jazz it up!

45 min | 8 weeks | Age 6-10
A high energy class where students move to up beat dance music while learning the basics steps of Jazz.

Kidz Hip Hop

45 min | 8 weeks | Age 4-6
Your child will learn to ‘bust a move’ with this high-energy, age-appropriate class!

Kool Moves

45 min | 8 weeks | Age 7-11
Hip Hop is the perfect class for children who want to dance, stay active, and learn cool moves!

Let’s Dance

45 min | 8 weeks | Age 3-5
This energy burning class will get the dancer moving to current music geared to help with rhythm and coordination.

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