1:00 – 1:15 hour              Age 7-18              Competitive Edge              Full Year Program

Prerequisites:     Dancers must be approved by a teacher for these classes. Please refer to our Competitive Edge page for more details.

Jazz Jr1C       45 mins/ week        (Age 7, invitation only)
Novice Jazz will begin working on the Jr 1 jazz syllabus with emphasis on kicks, jumps, turns and choreographed steps. The dancer will work to  improve in strength and flexibility and will complete the basic jazz steps required in the syllabus to be assessed for class placement the following year.

Jazz JrC  & Jazz  C   1:00 – 1:45 mins/week       (Age 8-18, invitation only) 
Dancers will begin to work on more advanced kicks, jumps, turns and stylized steps in the Jr. grades. Each grade builds upon the previous so it is important that the dancer has grasped the basic concepts of their grade before moving up into the next. Dancers will work towards gaining flexibility, strength and performance quality and will be assessed twice a year for placement the following season.

Recital/Costume:     Jazz C level classes perform a routine in our annual recital and will require a costume.

Dance Wear:     Please refer to Dance Attire for required dance wear for this class.