What is something that you want to fix in your industry?
Some people deal with body image issues, and therefore lack self confidence. My goal as a dance teacher is to make every student feel amazing about themselves, and to believe that there is no “correct” body size. Every individual is unique and beautiful. Dancing can build body positivity and confidence. My goal every class I teach is to have my students leave happy and encouraged.

What do you do at DDA?
I teach ballet teens, lyrical teens and jazz including the technique classes.

Did you have a favorite style of dance growing up?
Growing up I loved jazz and lyrical, but my favorite has always been tap!

What is your favorite thing about dance?
I love that dance gives you a way to be yourself and feel confident in your body. Dancing gives you the freedom to move and express yourself. Dancing is my way of getting out of my head and leaving the real world for a while.

Tell us about your credentials/past experience for working in your position!
I danced my whole life at a competitive studio from the of age of 5. Here I did dance exams in ballet, jazz and tap and we would also go to competitions, even travelling to New York, LA and Las Vegas! This past summer I went to Toronto to start the ADAPT teacher training program. This is a three year intensive program where I get to learn the syllabus and better myself in my teaching strategies and techniques!

What do you like about working at DDA?
I like that when you walk into the doors of the studio you feel welcome automatically. Every teacher is positive and friendly and wants classes to be fun. The staff at DDA has always been very welcoming and caring, and I’ve met many people that have become friends.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I LOVE animals, especially my dogs and cats! I even have a cat with 3 legs!

Where do we find you when you are not working?
I enjoy spending time with friends and family. One of my favorite things to do is go for walks in the River Valley!

Your advice to younger dancers?
Never doubt yourself. You are so powerful and capable of amazing things. Work hard in every class you go to and you will see improvements!