Describe your job in 3 words!
Rewarding, Fun, Athletic

What do you do at DDA?
I teach some of our 6 week Short Term programs.

What led you to work in this field?
I have wanted to teach since I was little and dancing at DDA, I would always want to make combos or lead stretch. I student taught for many years with the studio so this was a natural path. 

Name a role model who has inspired you in your path as a dancer?
One of my biggest role models in dance has to be Miss Stephanie, I had her for almost the entirety of my time at the studio and really admire her as a teacher and choreographer.

When did you join DDA?

Best thing of being part of the DDA team?
How welcoming everyone is, it’s always a super fun and exciting environment.

What is a fun fact about you?
I am probably one of the tallest people you will meet at the studio haha

Where do we find you when you are not working?
Right now I am a full time student at NAIT, but when I want to have some fun I’ll be out having dinner or dessert with friends.

Your advice for younger dancers?
Never underestimate ballet, it may be tough to love in the beginning but as you get older it will grow to be one of your favourites.