For those who are discovering dance and love the bright lights of the recital!

Age 7-19 yrs

The recreational level are students who usually take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours a week of class instruction. Classes are designed to enhance full body awareness while still focusing on having lots of fun! All styles of dance are offered in this program. Classes are typically stated in our schedules with the letter ‘R’ behind it.

 Recital & Pictures

All ‘Recreational Classics’ students in our Full Year Program get to perform in our annual recital at the Triffo Theatre. Students require a costume and are expected to attend the recital dress rehearsal. There is a charge of $6/family for dress rehearsal which will be billed May 2nd. For information about costume costs please refer to our Registration & Payment policies.

Group and single pictures will be taken in their costumes during picture week at the end of the year.

Please note that dress rehearsal, recital and pictures are mandatory dates for all recreational classics students. Dates and times are posted on our Important Dates page and our monthly Newsletter as soon as they are available. Please mark your calendars!

  Performance Opportunities

When possible, we try to offer our R level students the chance to attend a local festival or other dance performance in the community. The teacher’s choice for any of these opportunities is based on age, class attendance and ability. Please be aware that there might be additional costs for costumes and rehearsals if your child is performing.

‘Recreational Classics’ Classes

Students are enrolled for the year (September – June) and classes are held once a week except of statutory holidays and school breaks. Studio closures and make-up dates/schedules can be found on our Important Dates page and under Studio Announcements.

Ballet Int Rec

1 hour | Age 12-19
Dancers gain grace and poise through the years with this Classical technique. Note: Teacher’s approval class (next step up after BTeen class).

Ballet Junior Rec

1 hour | Age 8-11
As the foundation for all dance forms, ballet will help increase balance, flexibility, body alignment and strength.  This class works great for those not wanting the competition level.

Ballet Teens Rec

1 hour | Age 12-19
Our ballet teen Jr class provides a unique opportunity for teens and pre-teens who want to train in ballet but have limited or no experience in the discipline.

Boyz Klub – Hip Hop

45 min | Age 4-8
Designed for boys to further enhance coordination and strength in a masculine way. 

Double Threat B Jazz/Ballet

45 min | Age 7
This class begins to work on the jazz and ballet Pre Jr syllabus while still allowing lots of time for fun and creativity.

Double Threat D Tap/MT

45 min | Age 7
The dancer will learn basic tap steps that are combined with acting and movement to create a theatrical routine!

Hip Hop Int Rec

1 hour | Age 12-16
Hip Hop is a very popular, funky style allowing dancers to break out of his/her shell as they develop confidence, individuality and self-esteem. Suited for Teen beginners.

Hip Hop Nov/Jr Rec

45 min – 1 hour | Age 7-11
Hip Hop is a very popular, funky style allowing children to break out of his/her shell as they develop confidence, individuality and self-esteem. Suited for beginners!

Hip Hop Rec

1 hour | Age 7-11
We love Hip Hop for its versatility, energy and fun nature. t’s a great class for kids to find their own style and to build their self-confidence on and off the dance floor! Suited for beginners!

Jazz Jr/Int Rec

1 hour | Age 8-15  
Fast paced, high energy classes that focus on kicks, turns, jumps and other stylized steps.

Jazz Sen Rec

1 hour | Age 14-19  
Fast paced, high energy class for the advanced recreational dancer. No ballet required.

Jazz Teens Rec

1 hour | Age 12-19
Our Jazz Teens class provides a unique opportunity for teens and pre-teens who want to train in jazz but have limited or no experience in the discipline.

Lyrical Teens Rec

1 hour | Age 12-19
Lyrical combines many elements of classical ballet with the freedom of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. ADD ON Class: Student must be enrolled in ballet or jazz teen to take this class.

Musical Theater Rec

45 min | Age 7-11   
Singing, dancing and acting is combined as dancers work on performing age appropriate songs with theatrical flair! ADD ON Class: enrolled in Jazz or have 2-3 yrs Jazz experience.

Tap Junior Rec

1 hour | Age 8-13
For kids starting late in tap! A fun class that teaches you the basics of tap dance. Work on your rhythm, musicality and dynamics in a fun and friendly environment.

 Class pricing

We believe in open communication and try to offer our customers the best price-performance ratio possible with no hidden fees. Please refer to our Class Pricing Page to find pricing for your chosen class(es).
Regular additional costs for Full Year Program students are required class dance wear, costume fees & stage make up,  festival entry fees (for competitive students and recreational festival dancers only!) and dress rehearsal fees which can be found under Registration & Payment policies.


Registration for our 2023-2024 Full Year classes starting September 16th is open. Please check our Registration page for more information.

Any Questions? We are happy to assist you! Please contact us during our office hours.