June 19 Pre-registration for existing Full Year customers opens @ 10 am
Sept 4 Online registration for new Full Year customers opens @ 10 am
Sept 5-7 Dance Wear Sale @ the studio from 4-8 pm
Sept 13 Online registration for all 2023-2024 Short Term Programs opens @ 10 am
Sept 16 Start of 2023/2024 Full Year Classes
Sept 23-28 TRY US * LOVE US Week (Rec classes only)
Sept 23-28 Orange Shirt Week (Wear orange to class this week!)
Sept 28 Due date to register for ‘Team Disney’ Trip
Sept 28 Deadline ‘C’ students to sign up if interested in solo/duet/trio dances
Oct 2 Billing for Festival Entries (for ‘C’ or chosen ‘R’ classes)
Oct 9 THANKSGIVING – Studio closed (make-up classes tbd)
Oct 14 – Nov 25 Short Term Programs FALL SESSION
Oct 24-30 Crazy Hair Week for everyone! (instead of dressing up)
Oct 31 HALLOWEEN – Studio closed (make-up classes tbd)
Nov 11 REMEMBRANCE DAY – Studio closed (make-up classes tbd)
Dec 2 Billing all for Costume Deposits – all levels
Dec  Parents’ Viewing Week (Rec levels only)
Dec  23 – Jan 5 WINTER BREAK – Studio closed
Jan 6 Classes resume
Jan 8 – Feb 17 Short Term Programs WINTER SESSION
Feb 2 Billing all for Costume Balances (deposits were paid Dec)
Feb 20 Family Day – Studio closed (no make-up classes)
Feb 26 – Apr 13 Short Term Programs SPRING 1 SESSION (no classes Mar 25-30)
Mar 17 Solo, Duet, Trio Dress Rehearsal at the studio (tbc)
Mar 25-30 SPRING BREAK – Studio closed
Apr-May Competitions held (dates TBA)
Apr 1 EASTER MONDAY – Studio open/classes held
Apr 2 Billing for Festival Dress Rehearsal (‘C’ students only)
Apr 6 Festival Dress Rehearsal at Westridge Community League hall
Apr 22 – Jun 1 Short Term Programs SPRING 2 SESSION (no classes May 20)
May 2 Billing for Recital Dress Rehearsal  (‘Rec’ students only)
May 20 VICTORIA DAY – Studio closed
Jun 1 Recital Dress Rehearsal (‘Rec’ levels only)
Jun 8 Recital Day** at Triffo Theatre in Allard Hall, MacEwan Univ.
Jun 10-15 Last week of classes
Jun 15 Dance for Dreamz Showcase (tentative date)

**mandatory event for all Full Term students

Any Questions? We are happy to help! Contact us here.