Age 20+

Designed just for adults! Increase flexibility, strength, coordination and confidence while having a blast in one exciting hour.

Dance is a fun way to stay in shape and meet new people. Most or our adult classes require no dance experience, but some Intermediate levels are offered.

 Recital & Pictures

Our adult groups often chose to perform in our annual recital at the Triffo Theatre. Costumes are picked according to what the group decides to do. Group and single pictures will be taken in their costumes during picture week end of the year.


Most or our Adult Starr Element classes enjoy going into 2-3 recreational competitions with one being out of town. In the past, we have gone to Hinton and Banff to participate in festivals. Entries into festivals will be usually determined by late October and will be posted on our Important Dates page as soon as they are available. Festival dates are usually between mid April to mid May. We will not enter into a competition during a long weekend. The majority of festivals take place on the weekends but some can be held during the week. All groups entering into festivals are required to attend one dress rehearsal prior to competition. 

Adult Starr Elements Classes

Students are enrolled for the year (September – June) and classes are held once a week except of statutory holidays and school breaks. Studio closures and make-up dates/schedules can be found on our Important Dates page and under Studio Announcements. To download or print our Recreational Classics class list click here.

Adult Hip Hop

1 hour | Age 20+
This program is a fun, high-energy dance experience. No experience required.

Adult Jazz

1 hour | Age 20+
Jazz is fast-paced and fun class for those who like to move! No experience required.

Adult Tap Beginner

1 hour | Age 20+
Make music with your feet while you get great exercise! Slower Tap level.

Adult Tap Intermediate

1 hour | Age 20+
Make music with your feet while you get great exercise! Faster style Tap.

 Class pricing

We believe in open communication and try to offer our customers the best price-performance ratio possible with no hidden fees. Please refer to our Class Pricing Page to find pricing for your chosen class(es).
Regular additional costs for Full Year Program students are required class dance wear, costume fees & stage make up,  festival entry fees (for competitive students and recreational festival dancers only!) and dress rehearsal fees which can be found under Registration & Payment policies.


Early registration for our 2024-2025 season opens Monday, June 17/2024 for existing customers only. Registration for new families starts Wednesday, June 19/2024. Classes commence on Saturday, September 14/2024.