What is something that you want to fix in your industry?
I want every boy and girl to be comfortable dancing. There are so many styles of dance to take and I wish that we saw more boys join our studio. The young men I have had the privilege of dancing with throughout my student dancing career were so talented and enjoyed successes that were comparable to none. This was particularly prevalent during competitions. The boys were often singled out, and rightfully so. Having said that, I want every girl to be empowered by what dance can develop in them: strength, endurance, camaraderie with peers and self-confidence.

What do you do at DDA?
I mainly teach ballet and jazz and also substitute teaching hip hop classes.

Did you have a favorite style of dance growing up?

What is your favorite thing about dance?
Jumps across the floor with friends!

Tell us about your credentials/past experience for working in your position!
I have been dancing since age three. I joined Darlene’s Dance Academy at age four and enjoyed competitive dancing from the age of seven. I started student volunteering for six years and enjoyed learning from the teachers I supported. I learned a lot by spending time watching competitions, going to dance teacher conventions and animating dance birthday parties. I learned so much competing as a solo dancer in jazz and contemporary. When the feedback comes in from the adjudicators, it’s all about you and helps you correct the small details and make you a stronger better rounded dancer.

What do you like about working at DDA?
I enjoy working at DDA because it is a studio that put emphasis on fun and learning. A student can pick the path he/she wants, whether competitive or recreational. That makes dancing an accessible and safe environment for everyone. I love Darlene and the senior teachers who have seen me grow and develop and understand my dance journey.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
My guilty pleasure is watching episodes of FRIENDS over and over. I know the dialogue by heart!

Where do we find you when you are not working?
I love art, I love binge watching Netflix and at Christmas time in particular, baking with my mom. I also have another job and I enjoy working with the public in the customer service industry. I am a class of 2020 graduate going to University to become a teacher.

Your advice to younger dancers?
Don’t skip ballet, even if it’s not your favorite! Go to all your classes, you’ll feel good once you’re there.
The time you spend in dance class with be some of the best of your life, cherish every moment and never forget the memories!

1 hour/week              Age 14-19              Recreational              Full Year Program

Prerequisites: 6-8yrs jazz exp, no ballet required

A fast paced, high energy class that focuses on kicks, turns, jumps and other stylized steps. Balance, flexibility and strength will be worked on and improved in a fun and age appropriate manner. We have a rec Jazz class for every age whether you are experienced or beginner!

Recital/Costume:     All rec jazz classes perform a routine in our annual recital and will require a costume.

Dance Wear:     Please refer to Dance Attire for required dance wear for this class.

1 hour/week               Age 12-19              Recreational              Full Year Program

Prerequisites:    2+yrs ballet exp BUT teacher’s approval

Dancers gain grace and poise with this classical technique.  As the foundation for all dance forms, ballet will help increase balance, flexibility, body alignment and strength.  This class works great for those not wanting the competition level.

Recital/Costume:     This class performs a routine in our annual recital and will require a costume.

Dance Wear:     Please refer to our Dance Attire page for required dance wear for this class.