1 hour/week              Age 11-19              Competitive Edge              Full Year Program

Prerequisites: Contemporary 1 Choreo          11-13 yrs                  1 hour                     Add on class: Enrolled in Ballet Int3C or Ballet Int4C
Contemporary 2 Choreo         14-19 yrs                  1 hour                     Add on class: Enrolled in Ballet Sen2C
Contemporary 3 Choreo         16-19 yrs                  1 hour                     Add on class: Enrolled in Ballet Sen3C

Contemporary dance is difficult to define because it is a genre, not a technique. It incorporates a collection of methods and techniques found in ballet, modern dance and postmodern dance giving it a unique look. Contemporary dance tends to be intricate and physical requiring dancers to move in ways they may not be used to. Contemporary dance may also deal with abstract concepts, images, or emotional extremes. It has a rawness that sets it apart from plot-driven ballets or Broadway jazz.

Recital/Costume:     Contemporary Choreo classes perform a routine in our annual recital and will require a costume.

Dance Wear:     Please refer to Dance Attire for required dance wear for this class.