Event posted Sept 11, 2019

Invite your friends to your favorite dance class or try out a new dance style! Members and non-members are welcome to drop in for any recreational class this week!

See below our list of featured recreational classes that still have room for students to join (click to enlarge).

If interested in registering for a class after your free try, please speak to our office staff to see if spots are open & if it’s the right class you.

Reminder: DDA members who refer a friend are eligible for a $25 credit on their accounts and the referred friend gets a $10 credit as well! Simply print and fill out a Referral Card and bring it to the studio or ask our office for a card (Note: Applies to Full Term Classes only!).

We are looking forward seeing you!

NOTE: Non-members will have to fill out our Guest Registration Form when they come in to try out a class. You can fill it out at time of arrival or download a copy here.

Event posted Sept 3, 2019

Studio Dance Wear Sale on this week!
We are proud to have BZBodys coming to our studio one week prior to start of programs so DDA members have the great opportunity to conveniently purchase all their dance wear requirements at the studio. Families will get best pricing during this time and everything will be supplied according to the classes your child is registered in. Sizing for outfits and shoes are taken at that time, purchases must be paid for (cash, e-transfer & cc accepted) and then your items will be brought to the studio for pick up at the end of the week.
To find your required dance wear check your class registration info by locking into your DDA account or look up your child’s class under Dance Attire.



Any Questions?  We are happy to assist you! Please check our business hours here.