45 min/week              Age 11-19              Competitive Edge              Full Year Program

Dancers must be enrolled in pre pointe for at least one year before having the option of being approved for pointe shoes. A candidate for pointe work is determined by ankle strength, foot alignment and overall ballet technique. The instructor will use their discretion to determine when the dancer is ready for pointe work.

Prerequisites:     Dancers must be approved by a teacher for these classes. Please refer to our Competitive Edge page for more details.

Pre Pointe 1    11-19 yrs     45 min
Enrolled in BInt2C to BInt4C which is 1st & 2nd year

Pre Pointe 2    13-19 yrs     45 min
Enrolled in Ballet Sen C or 3rd year as recommended by teacher

Pointe    13-19 yrs     45 min
Teacher’s approval & must be enrolled in PrePointe 2

Recital/Costume:     This is a non performing class and no costume is required.

Dance Wear:     Please refer to Dance Attire for required dance wear for this class.