45 min – 1:15 hour/week              Age 7-19              Competitive Edge              Full Year Program

Prerequisites:     Dancers must be approved by a teacher for these classes. Please refer to our Competitive Edge page for more details.

Classes: Tap Nov Choreo 7-8 yrs 45 min
Tap Jr 2 Choreo 8-9 yrs 1 hour 1+ yrs tap exp
Tap Jr 3 Choreo 9-10 yrs 1 hour Have taken TJr2C level
Tap Jr 4 Choreo 10-13 yrs 1 hour Have taken TJr3C level
Tap Int Choreo 11-17 yrs 1 hour Teacher’s approval

Recital/Costume:     Tap C level classes perform a routine in our annual recital and will require a costume.

Dance Wear:     Please refer to Dance Attire for required dance wear for this class.